Fluoride treatments are often recommended for patients who have sensitive teeth that are prone to cavities. These are usually used as a pediatric service, though they can be used for adult patients as well. These treatments help restore the mineral “fluoride” to your smile. Fluoride is found in water or food and naturally strengthens teeth by replacing important minerals in the tooth enamel, which is constantly being broken down by bacteria, acids and sugars.

Some patients have a deficiency in fluoride and are unable to acquire enough naturally to prevent dental decay. Fluoride is used in American Dental Association®-approved toothpaste and is also offered at our office in gel, varnish or foam form. This easy treatment can be done in only one sitting and is a perfect way to help strengthen children’s teeth as they grow, and it can fortify adult teeth for long-lasting oral health.

If you experience teeth sensitivity or keep acquiring cavities despite consistent home care, our dentist may recommend fluoride treatment to help bolster your smile. To learn more details about this preventive treatment and the advantages of fluoride, give our dental office a call today. Our team is ready to help you on your journey to a healthier and happier smile!